About Yepso!

Yepso! is a training company that aims to help people achieve their professional goals in the European Union.

Our mission, principles, philosophy and European identity, make the difference when it comes to informing citizens about the opportunities that the European Union offers them.

We know that a significant number of candidates, after dedicating a lot of time and effort to prepare the competition, have discovered on the day of the exam that the official tests had little to do with their reference materials.

Over an extended period, we have developed a methodology and training itineraries meticulously which have been tested in real exam circumstances. They will help you unleash your full potential.

With Yepso!'s Methodology, the candidates will:

  • Acquire a profound knowledge about working in the EU institutions.
  • Immerse themselves in the culture of the EU institutions. We will tell you what does not appear in books.
  • Develop the critical set of competencies they need to overcome the EPSO training itinerary.
  • Master the EPSO competition tests.

Our background

The professionals who work at Yepso! have a consolidated European track record. They have experienced on their own the difficulties that a person faces when preparing the exams for the EU competitions: short time, limited sources of information and difficulty in getting quality materials.

Our team has a strong international component linked to different public and private entities.


Carlos Linkedin account

Carlos Gil has a degree in Law and a BA in Public Administrations. He has a solid background in European Affairs, a trajectory that he has consolidated through postgraduate studies at the University of A Coruña, the Diplomatic School of Spain and the College of Europe (Belgium). He has complemented this training oriented to the European Union with doctoral studies and other Jean Monnet's postgraduate training.

He began his path towards the access to the European administration at the Diplomatic School, where he specialised in the European civil service. He deepened his training through multiple training courses in Belgium and in the MA in European Political and Governance Studies. It was in this context that, after perceiving the difficulties to prepare EPSO's selective processes properly, he started to develop the innovative Yepso!'s methodology.

It is necessary to mention that Carlos has extensive professional experience linked to European Institutions. On the one hand, he has the vision of the Institutions through its trajectory in official information centres of the European Commission. On the other hand, as a consultant and advisor of European projects, he provided innovative ideas and solutions in a local and national key through the European Centre for Government Transformation.


Iván Linkedin account

Iván Carnota has a degree in Law and university studies in Philosophy. He has focused his specialisation in the field of European Union Law through postgraduate studies on European Affairs.

Iván has a consolidated professional experience related to European Institutions. He developed his career in official information centres of the European Commission, a position through which he interacted with various target groups in bringing European information to citizens.

Iván has contributed to the development of YEPSO!'s methodology with his strategic vision on the logical processes and the analysis of competencies of the candidates, which are essential in the selection process. His experience in communication and oratory arts provides an outstanding added value to all candidates when it comes to enhancing their skills and abilities, as well as to meet the demanding tests of the Assessment Centre.


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