EU Career development


Registrations for this course will be managed form our own page at the following periods:

  • From 2024-04-19 to 2024-06-30: 460 €

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The "EU Career development" course enables you to have all the necessary tools to create an ideal professional profile for the European Union.

In order to make the most of it and facilitate the rapid acquisition of professional profile enhancement dynamics and visibility, we suggest following a specific itinerary that will allow you to progress quickly and methodically, while benefiting from personalized attention.


  • Two personalized sessions for professional profile analysis and assessment.
  • Five autonomous sessions for working on the professional profile.


  • Initial session: a first session where the candidate's professional profile will be assessed, and the best path to achieve their goal will be determined (key aspects, recommendations, next steps, etc.)
  • Final session: following the initial session and after completing all autonomous sessions and submitting documents for analysis, a final session is held to provide feedback and establish a personalized strategy for accessing the European Union.


The course methodology is divided into 5 sessions, each lasting an average of one hour. Materials include videos, templates, and text documents.

The process is distributed as follows:

  • 1. I am the ideal candidate: the self-awareness process.
  • 2. The Europass CV: creation and strategy.
  • 3. Application form: writing and key points.
  • 4. The European Union Competency Framework: skills are your main ally.
  • 5. The European Union Career System: different contract types, different approaches.